Position Opening

Virtual CEC Position





The position of ACPE certified educator candidate (CEC) at CPE of Central California (CPECC) is a non-employee position. It carries with it the basic responsibilities of CPE supervision by engaging in CPE supervision and education alongside the training educator, with progressive autonomy in certain areas as an Observer, a Participant Observer, a Participant or an independent educator under ACPE certified educator (national faculty). The CES/CEC is recognized as a professional in the pastoral care program, as well as a student demonstrating pastoral competence and developing supervisory competence. There are a number of benefits and responsibilities to this position.

This position will be based on virtual CEC program utilizing video conferencing in the CEC training and CPE supervision with CPE students. This position requires skills of using computer for video conferencing.

The Clinical Pastoral Education program at CPE of Central California is fully accredited to offer ACPE Certified CPE™ programs of Level I/II and Certified Educator CPE by theACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education, We Work, Floor 4, 120 West Trinity Place, Decatur, GA 30030,  (Phone 404/320-1472; Fax: 404/320-0849; Website: www.acpe.edu)




1. A completed Application for Certified Educator Programs from ACPE.edu (including essays, admission assessment form/rubric)


2. B.A degree or equivalent


3. Graduate theological degree or its equivalent


4. Ordination or commissioning to function as a spiritual care provider by an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE


5. Endorsement/statement of accountability from an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE


6. Successful completion of a minimum of four units of Level I/Level II ACPE CPE


7.Demonstration of spiritual care and conceptual competence as evidenced by the attainment/completion of Level I/Level II Outcomes


8. Evaluation of the competencies for admission to a Certified Educator Program


9. Current ACPE membership




1.  There will be no stipend for this position, but the CEC will be accepted officially to CPE of Central California and/or transfer the status of Certified Educator Candidate status to CPECC. Note that this position is a student position, not an employee position.


2.  The CES/CECs have access to the facilities of CPECC educational resources (lectures, conferences, workshops).


3.  The CES will receive reimbursements as following;

-          50 % of business costs in participating ACPE national conferences, Pacific area Community of Practice meeting.

-          100 % of business costs relating CPE supervision and education with students. (ex. On-site visits)


4.  There is no tuition assessed in certified educator program.



1.      The CEC program hours will be negotiated with ACPE certified educator.


2.      When necessary, provision of direct pastoral care to patients, families, and staff members in clinical areas and on a schedule negotiated with the ACPE certified Educator.


3.  A systematic compiling of spiritual care data for department reports, records, and research, when applicable.


4.  Full participation in planning and implementing the administrative and educational duties and obligations of the CPE of Central California.


5.  Attending, observing, participating in, and/or facilitating seminars, group learning activities, and individual supervision, as well as personal study and reflection. This includes curricular events scheduled for CPE interns, as well as certified educator program CPE activities such as the San Francisco weekly group, the Bay Area Mid-Summer Conference, the Pacific Area’s Seminar on Supervision, and ACPE national conferences.


If interested, please send your application package to cpe@cpecentralca.org by April 30th in order to be considered for the position. 


CEC Application 2020.pdf