Accreditation Celebration

Accreditation Celebration Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens (May 3, 2018, Fresno, CA)

Open House Celebration

On February 29th, 2012, CPE of Central CA celebrated it grand opening by launching an extended unit for students. Delegates from all of our partnering agencies gathered at our new offices in St. Agnes Administrative Building. The office space is graciously provided by St. Agnes Hospital. 

Mayor Ashley Swearingen brought greetings from the City of Fresno. She commented on the critical need for the training of spiritual care workers to minister to those who are facing life and death issues.

Dr. George Fitzgerald brought greetings and commendations from Stanford University. CPE of Central CA is a satellite program relating to the CPE program of Stanford. He congratulated the Professional Advisory Group (PAG) for it diligence and hard work in making this new program a reality. 

St. Agnes Administrative Building (February 29, 2012, Fresno, CA)