About Us


Every hospital and service agency in the Central Valley of California would have qualified and accredited spiritual counselors and chaplains.  


To provide quality training through CPECC to meet the spiritual ministry training needs for persons volunteering or working in hospitals, churches, prisons, public service agencies, jails and schools in the Central Valley of California.


To operate as a certified CPE Center and to be a catalyst for the development of satellite CPE Centers committed to advance experienced based theological education for seminarians, faith community nurses, and clergy, of diverse cultures, ethnic groups, and faith traditions.


1.  To serve the Central Valley with accredited programs embedded in various hospital settings.

2.  To promote the integration of personal history, faith traditions and the behavioral sciences in the practice of Spiritual Care.

3.  To partner with other chaplain training centers and organization to provide the best chaplain training for those desiring to serve in the Central Valley.

4.  To provide an accredited experienced based theological education.

5.  To prepare individuals ecclesiastically, specializing in spiritual care for the professional chaplain certification process.  

6.  To be a catalyst for the establishment of CPE satellite centers in coordination with ACPE.


1.  Excel in Clinical Pastoral Education and Medical Education in an academic experience

2.  Develop educational experiences in the community compatible with the diversity of that community

3.  Train Chaplains and Spiritual Counselors in diversity

4.  Provide education in all aspects of Spiritual Care including Palliative Care and Hospice

5.  Expand and develop healthcare partnerships between hospitals and our diverse community resources

6.  Respond to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs through educational partnerships

Strategic Initiatives

1.  Provide a certified training center in Central California to meet regional educational needs and improve the quality of Spiritual Care in the Central Valley.

2.  Provide qualified spiritual counselors from diverse cultures, ethnic groups and world faith traditions.

3.  Promote interaction between individuals, hospital settings and faith communities

4.  Provide a network of support for chaplains, service agencies and others giving spiritual care in a wide variety of settings by offering spiritual wellness to our community

5.  Provide field experience for students working toward a Master of Divinity

6.  Develop CPE satellite centers in coordination with ACPE.