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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a key component of the professional
training and certification for hospital, jail and prison chaplains as well as
for clergy caring for those who have special needs in a time of crisis.
Our purpose is to provide experience based theological education for
seminarians, clergy, lay-persons of diverse cultures, ethnic groups and
faith traditions. 


       Training Program


  1. CPE of Central California (CPECC) is a collaborative representing
    hospitals, faith communities and local educational institutions
    responding to train and to keep dedicated professional chaplains
    here in our own communities. Students will receive training
    consisting of both academic and direct clinical supervised experiences.


       Primary Goals

  • Develop ministry skills with diverse populations
  • Excel in Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Prepare students for certification
  • Educate in Spiritual Care, Palliative Care and Hospice Care
  • Develop partnerships with community resources



While the training is founded upon recognizing each individual’s unique
spiritual needs, it is not aligned with any specific faith, church or
denomination thus ensuring that the needs of all people may be addressed.
Classes will be open to all students that meet the academic challenges
of the program. 




The Clinical Pastoral Education program at CPE of Central California is
fully accredited to offer programs of Level I, Level II, and Certified Educator 
program (Supervisory CPE) by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.,
One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, Georgia 30033-2538
(Phone 404/320-1472; Fax: 404/320-0849; Website:




One unit of Clinical Pastoral Education requires minimum 400 hours.
This includes at least 300 hours of clinical work and minimum100 hours
of structured individual/group supervision and didactic seminars.


Students are expected to be fully integrated into the hospital/hospice
chaplaincy role, which includes participating in interdisciplinary care
teams, providing regular leadership in groups on patient-care units,
leading worship and administering the sacraments. Didactic topics include
the following: Active listening, Grief and loss, patient safety, ministry to
the patient from diverse background, ethics in hospital chaplaincy and
counseling groups and individuals.
Learning goals and learning contracts along with verbatims, role-playing,
case presentation, weekly reflections, spiritual heritage reflections and
personal evaluations will be used to equip students for pastoral care.

For application information please contact:

 CPE of Central CA % Ki Do Ahn
St. Agnes Hospital  MS, 965 CPECC
1303 East Herndon Ave.
Fresno, CA 93720
For more information contact: Ki Do Ahn 

Phone – 559-492-7055

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